May 31, 2021

Why should you inspire your kids to learn coding

CodingPro Education

CodingPro Education is always committed to help kids learning different programming languages .In our increasingly digital-driven world, understanding the basics of code is almost similar to what learning to read and write was, back in the early 20th century – without it, you would have been deprived of most opportunities in life.

As a result, computer-oriented jobs are needed four times more than any other profession. That’s why it is so important to prepare your children to acquire skills, relevant to future employment opportunities and essential for their future success, whichever path they choose to pursue.

It’s important to stretch that even for children who will not be code developers in the future, for example, future managers or architects, it is still highly valuable to understand the mechanics of coding – as it underlies any action and decision they will make in the real world.

What makes code learning even better is that it’s not just enhancing future jobs opportunities, but also improving other skills, important for different aspects of life: creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, and lots of other skills .

Coding is so significant in what happens because coding is the building blocks of the digital technology. so I really believe that all children should learn coding not because we want them to become programmers or developers in the best high tech companies, just because coding is as essential today as reading and writing in order to just understand the world around us.”

– Oren Zuckerman, founder of the media innovation, lab at IDC Herzliya

Teaching kids different types of coding language like Tynker, HTML,CSS, Python in early stages can help them to become expert in  STEM also.

For example, if I’ really into sports and what I love is cricket, and I’m using code like ‘scratch’ to create a cricket game between a few favored players, right now I’m dealing with a lot of math because I need to think about variables, because I need the score for the game, I need to think about geometry because of the positioning that I’m going to position each player on the stage, but I’m not really thinking about it in mathematical terms, I’m just thinking about my passion to create a cricket game and I want to build it and show it to my friends.


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