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Web Development

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Exposure to Three Major Programming Languages

We will introduce you to HTML5, HyperText Markup Language, used to contain the content elements of web and mobile sites. Next, you’ll be introduced to CSS, Cascading StyleSheet Language, used to add design and style to web presentations. Finally, We will introduce you to Javascript, one of the most important and fastest growing languages used today.

Dynamic Course Design

This course is designed to give you a preview of what professional web development work is like. You’ll use some of the same languages and techniques used by professional web developers every day. With fascinating, fast paced lectures, code samples, and challenging lab exercises (solutions provided) you’ll gain a sense of what it’s like to work in the web development field.



How long would it take to incorporate the program to our instructors?

We provide plug and play coding and robotics programs for educators of different duration. Each program can be customizable depending on the teacher experience and school needs. We module the programs based on the type of program and availability of an individual. Instructors can take a longer approach to learn the programs from a few hours a day be it online or face to face.

What happens if the instructors have questions about the content after they’ve learnt?

All educators are set up on an e-learning LMS platform, all the resource materials are available to them through there, and if there are any questions that need further clarification, the educators are provided a single point of contact for further assistance.

What’s your fees and charges like?

Each fee and charge is dependable on the educator’s program style and content, be it face to face or online and the duration the program goes over, for further information please contact our team to discuss in detail.

What’s the refund policy?

The full payment for the program  is due before commencing ahead with us. We do not provide a refund unless there’s a compelling circumstance or we are unable to offer the program to the educator for any unforeseen circumstances.

How many students per class?

Our programs usually cater 10 students to 1 educator.

Can the content be reused?

No, the service charge covers one session, Educators can renew their subscription on e-learning for the following year.

How many weeks your program runs for?

Educator programs conducted either online or onsite (School, learning center) may range from 2-5days

What’s the duration of your classes?

Educator programs will run on average 15-20 hours a week over 2-5 days.

Do you teach coming to our school?

We provide the option to do either online or onsite via either your own school, or our learning center.

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