Introduction to


Age Group: 10+

Introduction to Robotics:

Number of Demonstration based projects involved: 5

Booklet & E – Learning Access

Step by Step process provided through printed booklet & E-Learning Access



Do students come to you or vise versa?

All student incursion programs occur through their own school or online.

What’s the refund policy?

The full payment for the Term or full-day workshop is due before commencing the program with us. We do not provide a refund unless there’s a compelling circumstance or we are unable to offer the program to the child for any unforeseen circumstances.

What structure do your lessons follow?

Our programs are set up via a E-learning LMS, materials are provided to both students and educators covering all content learnt in classes, activity sheets, and knowledgeable resources for further learning. Each lesson starts with identifying the scope of learning for the day, at the end of each session the content is reviewed and feedback from educators/students is given.

Do our students need to bring anything in your class?

We provide most tools and equipment for students to learn and experience. Robotic kits are all provided, however if they are doing coding, they will need a laptop, if they don’t have one we do provide laptops to lease.

What happens if our students don’t have any experience in coding or robotics would they still be able to do it?

This is completely fine! Our programs are designed to be beginner friendly and will teach the core concepts to students to build them up throughout the course.

How many weeks your program runs for?

School Incursion programs either online or onsite (school) range from 8-10 weeks, occurring once a week for 1 hour.

What are you teaching?

Please refer to our program guides, they provide overviews of key aspects in each course, what they will learn, and the outcome upon completion of all courses.

What’s the duration of your classes?

Student workshops run roughly 2-5pm, and regular classes run 1 hour a week.

How do you divide different age groups of students?

Students are divided via their level of competency not age, this is determined on the amount of experience they might have, kids with no experience will start from a beginner level and we teach step by step to advance their skills as they go.

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