CodingPro Education

Face- to- Face/Classroom Learning

Modern set-up, qualified teacher and pre-made learning modules

make a difference in student’s journey with us


CodingPro is one of Australia’s best Providers in Teaching Technology to kids

We provide  a niche content based  & well-structured program. We  also make sure kids have  enough fun & interactions in participating our classes.

Small classroom

Our classroom is very small to make sure students receive enough 1 to 1 attention of our instructor. This is to make sure students’ journey in technology learning is smooth and meaningful.

Modern Set up

All of our learning centres have modern classroom set up make our classes fun and interactive. This is to provide seamless experience consistent with the futuristic approach of learning at educational institute.


Qualified Instructor

All of our instructors are subject-matter expert. They have the sufficient knowledge in the subject they teach as well as the training and skills to manage a classroom full of students of various ages.

Pre-made lesson plans and program materials

Our program materials are regularly reviewed and updated to each newly formed class be it Coding, Robotics or Design. Our instructors have the most up-to-date pre-planned lesson materials that they use while instructing in the class.

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Why is CodingPro Education different from the crowd?

We help your child gaining essential technology skills for the future

Our classes will shape your child’s skills levelling them up to the future

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