Marsden Park PS – Tynker – Age (5 -9)

Program Objective

Students will be having competency to demonstrate Tynker programs. The students will be able to comfortably utilise the learnt skills to create their own 3D world, own games, characterisation and prepare a concept for making their own game.



An easy introduction to programming using puzzles. Students solve coding puzzles and get familiar with basic programming concepts such as sequencing, conditions and repetition using loops. To complete each level, you need to connect visual blocks in the right way. There are over 60 levels in fun adventures such as Codey’s Quest, Lost in Space, Lazer Racer and Dragon Journey.
Conditional logic
Pattern recognition
What Students Learn
Introduction to basic programming
Using loops for repetition
Conditional logic
Sequencing tasks
Recognizing patterns
Using automation
Debugging programs
Problem solving


Study Materials

Materials will be provided on the class
Students will work on their own projects provided by the instructor
Fun and Interactive lesson materials.


Prior Knowledge & Experience

Students do not need to have any previous knowledge and experience in coding.
Instructor starts from the scratch


Certificate upon Completion

Students will be assessed and provided certificates.

Student should bring their own laptop/device or they will be charged for leasing a laptop for the day.

Session Dates

Thursday 22/07/2021

Thursday 29/07/2021

Thursday 05/08/2021

Thursday 12/08/2021

Thursday 19/08/2021

Thursday 26/08/2021

Thursday 02/09/2021

Thursday 09/09/2021



Booking details


Marsden Park PS – Tynker – Age (5 -9)
22/07/2021- 09/09/2021
Every Thursday 3 pm – 4 pm
Marsden Park PS

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