Canberra – HTML & CSS ( Web Development)

Program Objective


Students will be learning HTML & CSS. On completion of the program, student should be able to:
Insert a graphic within a web page.
Create a link within a web page.
Create a table within a web page.
Insert heading levels within a web page.
Insert ordered and unordered lists within a web page.
Use cascading style sheets.
Create a web page.
Validate a web page.
Publish a web page.


Study Materials

Materials will be provided on the class
Students will work on their own projects provided by the instructor
Fun and Interactive lesson materials.


Prior Knowledge & Experience

Students do not need to have any previous knowledge and experience in coding.
Instructor starts from the scratch


Certificate upon Completion
Students will be assessed and provided certificates.


Student should bring their own laptop/device or they will be charged for leasing a laptop for the day


Location: The Griffin Centre G.07/20 GENGE STREET CANBERRA CITY ACT 2601

Booking details


Canberra – HTML & CSS ( Web Development)
1 Day Workshop 10 am – 3 pm

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