About Us

CodingPro Education is all about building skills for solving futuristic problems!

Arising from a deep interest in the evolution of Technology and a realisation from a gap-analysis of futuristic Technology Education, CodingPro Education stepped in as an Educational Provider in Australia over the past five years. We have similar operations internationally in Singapore & New Zealand. In those years, we have educated hundreds of students over many locations. Our Program has evolved from Workshops and Bootcamps to School Incursions and After-School Term Programs over a number of Primary & High Schools. Our delivery of Technology Education from a distance has won special popularity due to the use of modern technology and a consistent approach of instruction to Primary & High School Students.


CodingPro Education is committed to not just providing education by way of building knowledge. Our main goal is to instil passion for particular STEM Disciplines such as Coding, Robotics, Design, AR & VR, AI, and Drone Technology. We believe that the future is yours only if you can seize it. We also believe that all students, regardless of their choice of career, will require significant acquisition of knowledge and be able to practically demonstrate their skills in Technology. So, being able to work with Machines will be as important as being able to work with humans. And, our goal is to make students future-ready, when Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) will affect most human operations in the future.


We provide services ensuring our students are a strong match for the future regardless of whether they go into a professional career or become an IT entrepreneur.


Our Instructors are subject matter experts and they are all trained in the Technologies that they teach. Our process of learning at all stages of teaching is very consistent, making sure that we achieve and exceed our course objective.



Teaching kids how to code is a priority for many parents these days with all the discussions about STEM education in Australia and all the changes to the economy that have pushed technology companies to the forefront. It’s clear that large-scale change is in our future, and coding could someday very well become integral to early education, much like reading, writing, and math.


Fortunately, you, as parents, don’t have to wait for “someday” to provide your child a real opportunity to learn coding. We are here to help spark and sustain a child’s interest in programming inside and outside the classroom.


Coding, Robotics & Design are as much about creativity as it is about math, science, and problem-solving. The belief that computer programming only involves complex maths scares many people away from coding, adults and children alike. But, coding is so much more than that, allowing you to create things that come to life like drawings, games, robots, applications, websites, and even software.


Most kids like to create things, so coding will come as naturally as painting a picture or building something with Legos. We aim to capture students’ interest by emphasising creativity, and they’ll naturally learn some core programming concepts along the way. We keep it fun and don’t force it – not all kids like to paint, and not all kids will like to code either.


We find age-appropriate tools that give our students enough room to play without needing to read an instruction manual every few minutes. The process of discovery or the “I wonder what will happen if I do this?” moment is a core component in a coder’s world..

We encourage students to experiment and keep an eye out for signs that they’re reaching the limits of a specific coding app. Even if your child is not a coder themselves, they can learn along with the rest of the class. Coding is a great skill to work on, much like learning any other language during the early stages of education.

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