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About us
CodingPro Education is all about building skills for solving futuristic problems..

Arising from a deep interest in the evolution of Technology and a realisation from a gap-analysis of futuristic Technology Education, CodingPro Education stepped in as an Educational Provider in Australia over the past five years. We have similar operations internationally in Singapore & New Zealand. In those years, we have educated hundreds of students over many locations. Our Program has evolved from Workshops and Bootcamps to School Incursions and After-School Term Programs over a number of Primary & High Schools. Our delivery of Technology Education from a distance has won special popularity due to the use of modern technology and a consistent approach of instruction to Primary & High School Students..

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Popular Classes


Students will be learning Tynker Students will be assessed and provided certificates..


Students will be learning HTML & CSS. Students will be assessed and provided certificates.



Students will be learning Javascript Students will be assessed and provided certificates.



Students will be learning Python Students will be assessed and provided certificates.


Our speciality

Qualified instructors
Project based Learning
Small Size Classes
E-Classroom with individual access
Pre-planned Lesson Materials
Certificate upon Completion

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